Technology project of your cinema will be created in conjunction with acoustic and design projects.

To present maximum comfort of each guest, we will work out the geometry of cinema seats arrangement, the position of a screen and speakers in a concept of optimum capacity. There will be only good impression of image and sound in every cinema armchair.

For a competitive advantage over existing or future neighboring cinema we will find the optimal set of projection and audio equipment for each cinema, considering his acoustic solutions and aesthetics of the design project. The technological capabilities of the equipment will always be in one step ahead of today's cinema industry.

For all adjacent project sections of civil documentation, we will give detailed technical specifications. At the stage of coordination of engineering routes of cinema equipment, electrical routes, ventilation and extinguishing routes we will always find an optimal compromise solution.

Before the inauguration of the cinema, we will perform you a complex of technological measurements of brightness and color rendering in 2D, 3D and add this parameters in a technological passport of each cinema hall. You will personally make sure of the correct design decisions and can be confident in declared quality of picture on the cinema screen. Of course, this will be only an addition to impressions from what you will see...