Cinema servers

Each new servers generation goes farther and farther away from the first “office” type solutions and becomes more and more "cinematic". In addition, each manufacturer depends on requirements of DCI specification, but still goes its own unique way to create a perfect product. Someone do it better, someone worse.

We recommend to entrust your cinema to servers of European cinema leaders. In the variety of brands and models we have selected the best, in our opinion, decisions in different versions. This is an integrated server, built-in the projector, by Barco, and "modular" server based on the professional platform by Cinemeccanica, and detached solutions by Doremi and Dolby.

Each of the suggested servers has not only a wide modern functionality, but also the specificity, their "schtick", e.g. supporting different formats of surround sound and picture, almost instant transfer movies between halls, available interfaces for configuration and management based on the "pocket" communicators with iOS / Android.

Contact us – and we will help you to choose the configuration of the server, which is the most suitable for your needs and your cinema.

Barco Alchemy

A media server and a media processor integrated in a single module.
Every BARCO projector in basic version is equipped with Alchemy.
Supports all DCI content formats – till 2К/3D/120fps and 4K/3D/60fps.
It has integrated RAID-5 / 1,9TB on three HDD with possibility of emergency replacement.
Alchemy provides 16 AES/EBU sound channels and Auro 11.1 decoding.
User interface for any iOS/Android devices.

Cinemeccanica CineCloud

The only solution based on professional platform in the market.

This server is much more reliable than «common office» servers.

Server has a modular design with possibility of extension from 1 to 32 halls in one case

Emergency replacement and automatic software recovery option.

One minute movies transfer between halls.

Friendly interface in Russian language.

DOLBY ShowVault / IMB

It’s a new version of the most popular cinema server Dolby DCP2000.

It supports all DCI content formats – till 2К/3D/120fps и 4K/2D/60fps.

This server has versions with RAID-5 for 4TB and 6TB.

It provides 16 AES/EBU sound channels and Auro 11.1 support.

How to choose proper equipment

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