Cinema audio processors

Cinema jump from 35 mm, analog cinema to the digital one radically improved quality of the reproduced cinema sound. It led to the emergence of new, multi-channel formats as well.

The audio processor isolates audio data from the digital movie flow and converts it to analog signals for further amplification and reproduction. In fact, processor has become a powerful specialized computer.

They can easily handle 24 wideband channels of uncompressed audio for generating a realistic volumetric audio picture in the cinema, as processors BARCO AR24-3D and QSC DCP300 do, or calculate ("rendering") in real-time content for each of the fifty channels of sound effects as DOLBY CP850 does.

We recommend you to entrust handling of sound in your cinema to the leaders of cinema sound processors industry. These devices provide the widest functionality for configuration and diagnostics to the cinema operators and service specialists. All your guests will get the absolute enjoyment of the sound picture is in your cinema theater.

Each of the offered audio processor has its own functionality and belongs to its price category. In addition, in the price of some devices is already include the value of their settings when they will be installing by certified specialist.

Contact us – and we will tell you about all features of every processor, its technological and financial subtleties and help you to choose the model, which is the most suitable for your needs and your cinema.


Кинопроцессор нового поколения, с поддержкой будущего «открытого формата» объёмного звучания.

Конфигурируется для кинозалов любых размеров в форматах 20.1, 22.1, 26.1.

Обеспечивает до 32 объектов звучания в дополнение к системе Auro 11.1.

Совершенное решение для кинотеатра сегодняшнего и завтрашнего дня.


This processor is one of the most powerful cinema processors.

It was designed for natural surround sound Auro-3D 11.1

It has a unique UpMix 11.1 function for 2.0, 5.1 и 7.1 formats.

The processor provides decoding and processing of 16 channels uncompressed sound.

31 bands channelized equalizer, 1/3 octave, acoustic delay line.

The processor supports Dirac Live (R) technology to set sound according to room geometry.


Powerful universal sound processor.

Provides processing of 16 channels sound, supports natural surround sound Auro-3D 11.1.

31 bands channelized equalizer, 1/3 octave, acoustic delay line.

There is preset parameters library to connect tens of different speakers.

Built-in speaker for sound control.

Processor is a part of solution for adjusting and diagnostics cinema sound.

A three-year factory warranty.


Flagship processor of DOLBY company, designed to format sound effects by Dolby Atmos.

Plays up to 64 channels: common 5.1/7.1 and up to 58 additional channel effects.

Processes sound content in desired number of channels for a particular cinema.

Provides processing of 16 channels uncompressed sound.

Complex engineering algorithms for channel equalization and auto-calibration.

Active participation of Dolby specialists during installation.


«Classic» processor, designed for digital cinema.

Provides processing of 8 channels uncompressed sound in Dolby Surround 5.1 / 7.1 formats.

This processor has installed in 95% digital cinemas in Russia.

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