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Since 2000 we have engaged in cinema technology in any its incarnations. We develop cinemas concepts and design cinemas of various sizes and formats, we select equipment, supply it and install it in the cinemas. Geography of our objects is from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and from Tashkent to Monchegorsk.

Our understanding of cinema is not an amount of stereotyped solutions and a dozen boxes of equipment. Cinema is a symbiosis of art and technology. It is a scrupulous engineering calculations and creative inspiration, originating a sense of beauty, quality and comfort. We know that perfection is achieved when there is nothing to add. But impetuous progress in all cinema aspects sets increasingly high levels of standards. Therefore, we are trying to do each of our new projects even better, more technological, more interesting than any of the previous hundred ones.

At any phase of cinema business you would cooperate us – phase of idea, incarnation or development - we are always able to offer you something more than you expect.

After all, our main aim – is what we know and can do, what we have learned, and in what we are professionals. This is your KinoComfort.

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Our directorate

  • Sergey Puskov
    Saint-Petersburg University of Cinema and Television
  • Alexandra Korchagina
    Chief Financial Officer
    Moscow Finance and Law University
  • Victoria Pivina
    Executive director
    Saint-Petersburg University of Cinema and Television
191000, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Lesnoy avenue, 63А

+7 (812) 244 0644 - office
+7 (964) 323 0303 - service-24


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