Do you know why there is a violin hanging on the wall of «Kinocomfort» design department?

The success of your cinema (theater), as a business, or its attractiveness as a temple of art, are based, first of all, on professional design solutions.

Every time we start working on a new project of a cinema hall, we present it’s not like some kind of space you want to cover inside with decoration and acoustic materials, and then place a common-or-garden (stereotyped) standard set of equipment there.


We consider cinema hall is a body of exquisite musical instrument which every time enters a new noise environment and takes a new unique form every.

It is quite obvious, whatever excellent strings are affixed to a plywood box, they will sound still like a plywood box. That’s why we create the musical instrument with body-cinema hall and try to perfect its parameters in every project.

To make everyone able to feel all three emotional pleasures: aesthetic pleasure – when you enter a beautiful and comfortable hall, visual pleasures – when you see amazing image (picture) on the screen and sound pleasure – when music sounds divine. So business begins and art begins...

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