Acoustic project of your cinema will be created in conjunction with technology and design projects.

For a good acoustic insulation, we calculate and design constructions, "cakes" of all cinema halls walls, minimizing the load on the intermediate floors. Your budget for construction materials and work will be minimized due to the elimination of redundant solutions, where it’s not required.

To eliminate parasitic acoustic standing waves in the room, we will design a special geometry of the wall surfaces. Speech intelligibility will be excellent everywhere in the room.

During the reconstruction of existing halls we will conduct acoustic measurements and identify all critical parameters that require adjustment.

For a perfect acoustic performance matching requirements and recommendations of acoustic standards, we carefully calculate the right amount of specific acoustic materials. We place these materials in those places, where they are needed and according their installation technology. No extra expenses on costly materials.

To significantly improve the sound quality of speakers and improve their efficiency, we will design a special solution of their installation. You do not need increased power of acoustic systems, and long-term energy costs will be significantly reduced.

For halls with surround sound system and sound effects we will provide acoustic additions significantly increasing their efficiency.

Before the inauguration of the cinema, we will perform you a complex of acoustic measurements of all project parameters of acoustic insulation and acoustic absorption and add them in a technological passport of each cinema hall. You will personally make sure of the correct design decisions and can be confident in declared quality of sound in your cinema. Of course, this will be only an addition to impressions from what you will hear...