Three-dimensional picture on a flat screen – one of the numerous tricks of the great cinema illusion. With the advent of the digital show era, development of the stereo technologies got a powerful stimulus due to sharply increased incomes from 3D cinemas. Today stereo show system has become the de-facto standard component of every digital cinema.

We recommend to entrust your 3D-cinema systems to grandparents and legislators of the technological fashion of digital stereo show. Exactly these products are the most popular and demanded not only among cinema lovers, but also among the Asian masters of cheap clones and counterfeits.

Every of original 3D systems, which we offer, provides the highest quality of stereo show. At the same time, it has its own specific applications in various cinemas, own combination with other components of the cinema, it has its own financial model operation.

Contact us – and we will help you to choose the type and configuration of 3D-cinema system, which is the most suitable for your needs and your cinema.

XpanD 3D Passive

Stereo technology is based on passive polarizing glasses.

Extra light, inexpensive and nice glasses, adult and kid size.

Minimum light loss in the optical tract.

Quality 3D without «phantom» effect.

Variety of modulators according to hall size.

This system requires specially coated screen.

XpanD 3D Active

Stereo technology is based on active LCD-shutters glasses.

Light and nice reusable glasses, adult and kid size, VIP-models.

Glasses have standard inexpensive battery.

High-frame rate technology (HFR) support for «smooth» 3D.

Quality 3D without «phantom» effect.

This system operates with any screen.


Stereo technology is based on passive glasses with spectral filters.

Light reusable glasses adult and kid size.

The most popular 3D-system in Russia.

This system operates with any screen types.

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