Recently, the new generation cinema GrinnFilm has started working full-time in Kursk. We are proud of taking part in this large-scale and unique project and think that it is due to in-depth involvement of a technically and economically competent project owner, that we have created the perfect cinema in terms of technology, at least in Russia. At least...

Now get comfortable in your seats and get ready for a surprise.


Nine cinema halls with 1,520 person seating capacity each. Point comfort and local harmony zones for every prospective guest.
Impressive sight. A premier hall with 445 person seating capacity. Enormous screen. Amphitheatre.
Pleasure. VIP seats in central and rear parts. Each pair of the seats can easily be converted into love seats. In each "non-VIP" hall.
Intimacy. Special closed zones under the projection booth in the big halls with entirely "home-like", private environment during viewing.
Prestige. Enormous hall with 60 VIP seating capacity, and there's more.
Comfort. Two small halls with couches which adjust to a guest's body shape.
And, of course, management efficiency. One ticket inspector and one administrator at the entrance into the cinema halls zone.


The third of total five levels in a large mall. Entertainment zones are all around, causing lot of noise. An amusement park with a roller coaster, skating rink, concert hall, swimming pools and restaurants. Right next to the cinema.
We have developed a unique "sandwich" for each wall on each side of each hall to find the right balance between load, money and acoustic insulation. Besides, "our" walls have unique geometry which cannot be noticed from the seats, but it is very efficient in terms of preventing from unwanted sound effects.


Accompanied by the project owner, we have visited several top European recording studios which are known to have the highest acoustic insulation standards. We have had a number of conversations with Russian, Belgian and English acousticians.
The technologies of acoustic insulation used in all cinema halls are identical to those of "recording studio" ones. These solutions worked best for those halls where it was necessary to significantly lower the finish ceilings from the high interfloor slabs.


Yes, we still believe that acoustic conditioning does at least half of work when it comes to the quality of movie screening, and it is as important as branded equipment. At least. We have prepared a detailed acoustic design of each cinema hall paying a lot of attention to the sizes, types and locations of materials to ensure that all acoustic parameters are precisely fit within the "tolerance zone".
Of course, it resulted in broken walls and ceilings. Of course, it required soundboards installed behind the screens. ТНХ canons. Our competence. Experience. Style.


There is one more conceptual component which is implemented in all cinema halls – nothing can distract from viewing a movie, but at the same time it highlights the status of the cinema.
The walls, ceilings and inner acoustic devices are all black. Dark carpet. And a huge screen all across the wall. The play of reflections on the outlines of acoustic conditioning elements.
Since the black acoustic covering is an element of design, we have developed a unique outline of the walls and ceiling and put the black elements together in the way that they created a beautiful interior image taking into account the screen light.


We ensured that each cinema hall is totally comfortable for viewing a movie. Wide and extra wide passages between all rows. All rounded rows are on the main floor. Huge screens stretched all across the front wall. The amphitheaters rise in the way that allows everyone to see the whole screen even if they are reclined in a seat.
Taking into account the nearest future trends, we have initially preserved all the design regulations in regard to the location of spectator seats and redesigned the projector windows to ensure a comprehensive laser projection.


All the nine cinema halls are equipped with BARCO projectors. Two of them are premium class projectors (60L and 45L 4K-RGB-6P Alchemy), and seven are laser phosphor projectors (20CLP / 15CLP Alchemy). Magnificent brightness, contrast, colour depth both in 2D and 3D. In every movie for many years. There is no need to buy nine xenon lamps almost every month anymore.
Nine Masterimage passive 3D systems, four of them are with increased light efficiency, five are standard. The depth and quality of the stereo effect that uses laser sources of light are at the recording studio level.


All the nine cinema halls are equipped with BARCO AuroMax new generation surround systems. It is the project owner's careful choice after having listened to presentations of all systems available in the market. Five halls have a speaker configuration of 26.1 and the other four have a 20.1 configuration. The vertical sound layers, 27 zones of "object" audio. Starting from spring 2017, support and playback of all audio formats which are available in the cinema industry.  
Hardware implementation based on premium products from QSC.
54 3-way speaker systems with coaxial HF/VHF drivers located behind the screen, and there's more.
63 21" subwoofers with a new concept of cinema hall arrangement, and there's more. The soft sound in the low frequency range is not only heard now, but can be literally felt by a body.
334 wall and ceiling surround speakers.
The position and directionality of all acoustic systems in each cinema hall have been determined using sound field simulation software and after dedication into the twists and turns of ideal sound of the new format developed by Mr. Wilfred Van Beylen.
All the acoustic power amplifiers are from the range of QSC DPA series multi-channel digital devices, and each of them is, in fact, a sound processor. The choice of quantity and power of amplifier channels, interchannel frequency cross connection, signal time delay – everything that is necessary for a complex configuration of a multi-channel system. The installator's dream. And on top of it, 14 kilometers of a high grade Russian copper acoustic cable WiringParts produced by a Saint Petersburg company "Om Network".


Specially for this project we have redeveloped and redesigned the screen frames. Please take a look at the photo. The perimeter lines make up a complex 3D figure which prevents from geometrical image distortions caused when viewing a standard curved screen at an angle.
Besides, there is no need for scaffolding to install screen fabric in cinema halls of any size.
The platforms for behind-the-screen acoustics allow to move it forward right up to the screen fabric. You may wonder why the quality of sound is so important, right? :)
The screen fabrics are produced by Harkness Hall, the world industry leader based in Great Britain. The fabric features a silver coating optimal for laser projection.


Apart from the existing BARCO Auro-3D training certificates, prior to the beginning of the installation works our employees took courses on installation and maintenance of BARCO Laser equipment and obtained the corresponding certificates.
After the commissioning phase, all the cinema halls have passed BARCO Auro and BARCO Laser producer certification.


150 meters of space for projection booths of nine cinema halls spread over four levels. Up to 15 movies per day. One projection booth operator in a shift.


Two levels of monitoring and diagnostics.
Around 1000 parameters of Alchemy projectors and servers are controlled by BARCO CineCare remote monitoring system, represented by the producer's maintenance team based in Belgium.
Around 500 parameters of all other equipment as well as the power supply to each projection booth is under control of "Kinokomfort-PELENG24" system. Specially for this project we have developed a brand new hardware local agent module and released a new version (2.0.1) of server processor for the incoming data array.


Golden mark "BARCO Laser. First laser projection-only cinema in Central and Eastern Europe".
Golden mark "BARCO AuroMax. First full 3D audio cinema in Europe".


It is incredibly pleasant to see and hear the results of the company's one year hard work. It turned out to be a great cinema. It is a cinema of the future. This is what a cinema should be. The theater of movies. The theater of the absolute image, the theater of the absolute sound, the theater of the absolute comfort.
And we wish every new Russian theater to be better than the previous one! :)


Direct flight from Saint Petersburg to Kursk on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30 from Pulkovo airport.
Direct flight from Moscow to Kursk every day at 8:20 PM from Vnukovo airport.
If your location is different, please check flights or other public transport schedules online.

Come by plane. Come by road. See. Hear. Feel.

With Kinocomfort comfort is guaranteed!


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