In preparation for the biggest world cinema technologies exhibition “CineAsia-2016” BARCO Company has arranged for their international partners a magnificent presentation of this year novelties – flagship 6P-laser, phosphor-laser solution for C-family projectors, new version of Alchemy server, renewed BarcoEscape, knockdown
AURO-MAX 26.1.
In three days of technical seminar at company headquarters in Kortrik, Belgium, approximately 150 participants from all over the world, including “Kinocomfort” company’s specialists, saw new models and technologies of BARCO. Fully detailed presentations with technical and economical calculations, full day detailed shows in operating multiplex, analysis of technologies from inside in its projection booths, visiting workshop of projects assembly and adjustment. Few hours of sessions in “question-answer” mode proved that BARCO Company has reached the level of high quality technologies, which haven’t had analogues on the market so far.
Well, novelties…

New generation of DCI-projectors for premium halls. Incredible brightness up to 60.000 lm, providing operation on screens up to 60 m width and 14 footlambers in 3D-mode. Increased colour range, contrast, permanent brightness during many years of work. Flash start and stop, projector doesn’t have mirror, rectifier, igniter unit, which mostly require service. This projector is recommended for operation in halls from 16 m size.

They performed renewed light source for the most popular C-family projectors, which had operated with 3.000W and 4.000W xenon lamps. The light source is pre-installed in new projectors 15C and 20C at the factory. This light source unit is produced as a separate block, which can be install in operating projector instead of old light source. This is solution to get high quality picture, permanent brightness for many years, incontestable financial and technological benefits. After the announcement there was a 3 months waiting period.

In two years company will have equipped rest of the S-family and B-family projectors with laser technologies, after this they will stop to produce xenon lamp projectors. New laser era has been coming rapidly and advises you to carefully plan your investments in tomorrow!

Alchemy server is still the most complete server in the market due to its characteristics and options, new updated versions of Alchemy are introduced every year. Alchemy-2016 is able to play both formats of modern surround sound, to play parallel stereo-sound in case of “double” projectors mode and many more interesting additions.

New format of natural volume sound doubled the number of channels in comparison with previous AURO-3D 13.1. It was designed for coupling with awaiting “opened format” of sound content in cinema industry. The “opened format” supposes to play sound of every new movie in the format of cinemas’ sound systems – Dolby 5.1 or DolbyAtmos or BARCOAURO. To be a part of this concept, every format has been completed to something average. AURO-MAX 26.1 has got speakers in pre-screen zone, each of surround channels was divided in two ones, ceiling channels was divided in four separated ones. Data for increased number of channels AURO-MAX has been delivered in separate sound pack as an encoded file and is being unpacked during playing. New processor handles up to 32 sound channels in real-time, it was designed with participation of iosono company, a leader of multichannel concert installations. They became a part of BARCO in 2015.

Renewed format of movie on three screens designed by BARCO on order of leading Hollywood studios, became a symbiosis of company’s novelties and supposes to present unlimited visual emotions to viewers. Flagship laser or phosphor-laser projector is used as a main one now. Halls’ projectors, providing show on side screens, are put in soundproof housing with lifting system for servicing. Side screens have become movable, when hall operates in ESCAPE mode, side screens move to the main one and picture becomes seamless. No need to mention, that Alchemy server integrates this technological  burlesque show, AURO-MAX sound system adds it.
BARCO announced opening of 120 ESCAPE cinemas all over the world by the end of 2016. This summer and autumn ESCAPE cultic movies by cultic directors will be performing. This movies will be adapted for “common” cinema halls. BARCO announced coming not less than one ESCAPE movie a month.

In the close of technical seminar, BARCO company put a sweet cherry on the top of creamy cake and performed their new campus, where they will shift in May. It’s a wonderful architectural-technological ensemble, performing and reflecting the spirit of the company. New campus consist of different levels modules-departments, connected by transparent tubes-halls with main show-room-meeting zone. Red-white carps of company style colors swim unhurriedly in the waters of ground floor lakes, zones of either relaxing awaiting or technogenic meditation hanging over them – zones of absolutely comfort…