…yeah, it’s a cinema festival!

72nd International Venice Cinema Festival has set a new standard, a new technological level of premier demonstrations. Cinemeccanica company, a long-time technical partner of the festival, upgraded digital cinema projectors of the main Venetian platform with light sources, based on laser LUX.

Timed to the opening ceremony of the festival, movie "Everest" caused a real avalanche of positive feedback. Superior color reproduction considerably exceeds the parameters of the classic "Xenon" projector, stunning brightness of 3D on the big screen – just a part of what will turn a vector of technological cinema progress in the direction of the laser solutions soon.

By now a laser light source LUX is only one of its kind device that can be connected to any brand and any service life cinema projector and provides a new level of quality and a new level of efficiency as well.

Contact us and we will calculate how much would be profitable every work hour of your cinema. In the meantime – we are happy for guests of the 72nd Venice Cinema Festival! :)