Impress all with 3D sound in your cinema!

Surround sound will be as a standard attribute of cinema soon as 3D picture has become. But there is still an opportunity to become the first and unique in your region and draw to your cinema more and more fans of new sensations.

Natural surround sound system BARCO Auro-3D is easy to install in a new cinema or to integrate into an already operating cinema. Imagine that you just need to repeat once again placing all "typical" acoustics 5.1, but in the top of the room and behind the screen, as well as add few speakers in the central part of the ceiling.

While viewing the movie, each of the 11 channels will play uncompressed, wideband audio signal, which have recorded with microphone, placed in this surrounding space. There is no modeling effects only natural sound!

Today Auro-3D audio format has become the standard equipment of the premiere cinema halls in Russia. Already two Russian studios involved in dubbing and mastering movies using soundtracks in Auro-3D.

Number of movies with surround sound has approached the number of potential blockbusters coming onto the screens. Moreover, for all 5.1-movie sound processing algorithms of 3D-processor AR24 create a very realistic pseudo effect. The sound quality in the cinema, equipped with BARCO Auro-3D system, is always great!

Contact us and we will tell you HOW EASY IT IS to make you cinema sound volume and natural and how to make all tickets sold!..

BY THE WAY, in case you order BARCO Auro-3D system together with BARCO projectors in our company, we will offer you a nice discount for the sound processor AP24! Up to 100%...