for any cinema projector

Do you want to forget about monthly expenses on xenon lamps?

Do you want to get the same brightness of screen picture of 2D and 3D as well?

Do you want to get sharp reducing of energy costs and maintenance costs?

Do you want to get a competitive advantage in the “fight for the viewer”?

Cinemeccanica and XPAND companies represent innovative device LUX Cinema – external modular light source based on laser light for digital cinema projectors.

LUX Cinema can be supplied together with new cinema projectors BARCO DP2K/DP4K or can be installed as a new light source in functioning cinema projectors.

LUX Cinema advantages:

- Matching to all digital DLP-projectors and all 3D systems

- An option to upgrade the light source of functioning cinema projectors

- Modular design, providing the 19.000 – 57.500 lm brightness of single projector

- Up to 110.000 lm brightness of double functioning projectors

- 3D picture with 14fL brightness for 50 m width screens

- 30.000 hours life time, it’s approximately 10 years daily cinema shows

- Excellent picture quality in 2D and 3D: greater color space as compared to xenon lamps

- Reducing the cost of electricity consumption up to 50% and the elimination of the costs of periodic maintenance with replacement lamps

- Total monitoring and control via touch screen or remotely via the Internet

LUX Cinema modifications:

- LUX 19K – up to 19.000 lm brightness - width screen up to 19 m

- LUX 29K - up to 29.000 lm brightness - width screen up to 27 m

- LUX 37K - up to 37.000 lm brightness - width screen up to 35 m

- LUX 48K - up to 48.000 lm brightness - width screen up to 45 m

- LUX 57.5K - up to 57.500 lm brightness - width screen up to 50 m

We are glad to mention that Russian presentation of LUX Cinema happened on KINOEXPO-2014 exhibition on «Kinocomfort» booth.

Please, be free to contact us to get more information and open a new page of technological life of your cinema – with LUX Cinema light source at present.